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MeeT THE Rough Diamond TEaM!
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Who is Rough Diamond?

When she's not busy making Northeast Ohio sparkle with her staging and design finesse, Amy is a lover of books, animals, Akron, and nerdy sci-fi/fantasy stuff. She opened Rough Diamond's doors with her husband, Mike, in 2016 and loves every minute. But even more than growing a successful business, Amy's passion is about building up the Akron community by setting a higher standard for what Ohioans believe they deserve in everyday life through her design, business practices, and relationships. ​

owner | lead stager
​& design consultant

Jes is Amy's Right-Hand-Woman and manages everything from inventory processes to client relations. Her background in sales  gives her the experience she needs to make sure that all our clients' needs are met. She has two gorgeously adorable daughters and loves getting down to some 90s jams while making healthy treats for the lucky Akron area dogs. Jes is a people-person to her soul, and LOVES getting to know new clients and colleagues. 

client relations

As an expert real estate photographer and videographer, Lisa’s passion is creating bright, crisp images guaranteed to grab the attention of your prospective clients.  Her talents range from still photography to video, and even aerial, and she's constantly learning and growing to offer better and better photography services to the Akron area! When she’s not knocking your socks off with stunning imagery, Lisa is an artist, avid dreamer, and mom to her dogs, Jack and Marty McFly. 

lead photographer

With over 7 years exerience in sales and a lifetime love of design, Kate's recent decision to delve back into her creative roots has resulted in her transition from the mortgage world into staging! Her degree in Residential Planning & Design, her incredible eye for composition, and her infectious and unstoppable passion are all enormous assets to the team - not to mention her sense of humor! When she's not working you can catch her online motivating others with her collection of personal development and inspirational tidbits, or shopping for vintage goodies throught NEO!

stager &
​design consultant