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Farmhouse Chic.
No matter the style, our design sells. 

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"​Amy, gets results and that means SOLD for me. I highly recommend her. She does a terrific job." -Paul, Realtor
"​Very Easy to work with, Great professionalism & works as well as communicates in a timely orderly fashion!"
​-Demetrius, Realtor

"​You did your job as a designer to make sure everything coordinated and was well thought out. Where you went above and beyond was making sure the design was something your client liked and it was a direct reflection of themselves. You are awesome!!"  -Sarah
"Amy's strongest asset when we worked together was how she listened. She didn't want to make our home her showroom, she wanted it to reflect our style/interests/taste. And she really did. Also, she gave us options. That was a huge plus." - Patricia
"Your method of working with couples to identify what both clients wants is awesome! It helped us look at ourselves and define what we liked and then helped us see each other's likes/dislikes. We were so impressed with how your design incorporated both of our interests and blended them into one beautiful design!" -Kelly
"You don't presume to do just what a "designer" would do. You help us understand our own dislikes and likes that lead to creation of our own style, and you EXPLAIN. You don't just say "that won't work" but you help us understand the color palette/traffic pattern/lighting needs/effects, etc. behind your thoughtful and careful reasoning. Looking forward to doing more projects together!" - Cindy