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Hello, friend!

Thank you for visiting! We love having you here. :) 

I have a question. 

Are you in love with your home? 

I mean...you spend a huge part of your life there. It's your haven, your safe space...your gorgeous little piece of the world. You may not feel that way yet, but I really believe it's important that you do. Making your home feel like your corner of the universe, an expression of what makes you happy and content and PROUD...

...well, that's our magic. 

I'm Amy Vartenuk, the founder and commander-in-chief at Rough Diamond. Mind if I tell you a story about how I got here? 

Thanks. :) I'm glad you're interested. 

Once upon a time...

​​It starts on a blah Friday evening in Chicago (you see, my husband Mike and I lived there for a few years while I went to grad school for something really white collar and grown-up-sounding.) I was on my way to my super-fancy-high-brow-deep-thinking Social History of Something-or-Other course when I had an epiphany. 

It happened when I smelled the classroom next door. 

One quick sniff of sawdust and gypsum, and nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. I was transported back to thousands of happy memories in Ohio working with wood...of my dad working with wood...of my uncles, my grandfather...

...the room next door was under construction, and the guys working in it were happily sawing away and joking around while they made a new
place for people to gather. 

...and in that moment I realized I would give ANYTHING to go back to my blue collar roots instead of going in that other classroom to debate the finer points of the cultural ramifications of the 18th century British postal system, or whatever was planned for that evening. No offense to the big thinkers of the world - somebody's gotta do it! I admire and respect my colleagues and friends who study and research and teach so humanity can learn and grow.

I just suddenly knew that wasn't the path for me. 

Why I do what I do 

See, I grew up surrounded by makers. People who dedicated their hearts and their careers to creating things for other people who would appreciate them. They built homes and furniture and countless other things, and taught me the importance of hard work and a job well done. They taught me that what mattered most were the people they were building things for. They taught me to love working with my hands. 

On that Friday evening in Chicago, I realized that I was blue collar to the soul, and for the first time, instead of feeling like that wasn't good enough, it felt like chasing a white collar career would never truly make me happy. After a lot of planning and soul-searching, Mike and I decided it was time to head back to our beloved Rustbelt, and proudly use our blue collar skills and passion to help make Ohio beautiful again in any way we could. 

I dove back into my Interior Design training and buried myself in the work of creating Rough Diamond. The result is a career I absolutely love, and a mission Mike and I are so proud to be a part of.

I hope you'll give us a chance to help you fall in love with your home, whether that means re-designing your living room, staging your listed home, or helping you discover a way to be super proud of what's behind your front door. 

We truly think that
Ohio is incredible, and we want you to help us show off how beautiful, vibrant, and awesome this corner of the world is. Ohioans are ready to be proud again, and we want to be a part of that.

We're doing it one house, one room at a time. 



Me and Mike, two of
​the biggest Ohio lovers you'll ever meet.  

Me with my shiny new
​important-sounding Master's degree. 

My uncle the builder and me, age 3. 

Man, did I miss the smell of cut wood.  

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The Name: Why 'Rough Diamond'?

We chose the name Rough Diamond because we feel a strong obligation to help
Ohioans understand that good design isn't just for the already polished spaces.

Interior design is about making the spaces we live in kick-butt functional and beautiful,
and it isn't just for mansions, heiresses, and TV shows...

...Good design is for eVeryOne. 

So whether we're working with a polished and perfect gem of a home or a very very rough
uncut one, we'll put exactly the same amount of passion and effort into polishing it up
and making it shine.

By the time we're done, no matter what size the home or budget may be, you'll be amazed at the final shiny-perfectly-cut-sparkly result that will make you
show-pictures-to-your-neighbors-and-maybe-strangers-on-the-bus proud.

Are you over the gemstone analogies yet? We may get carried away from time to time but
it's only because we love what we do so much. :)